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Advanced Laser and Skin Clinic

Facial & Cosmetic Enhancement - Established 28 yrs
Winner of the Welsh Hair and Beauty Awards 2016
Finalist in the Beauty Awards London 2007
Choosen as One of the top Clinics by Cardiff Life Magazine.

 Cosmetic Clinic of the Year

This category recognises the clinic with amazing staff that provides a fantastic overall experience.  
 The Cosmetic Clinic of the year provides
the best innovative treatments


We are a registered Clinic with the Health Inspectorate for Wales and Licenced with the Government to undertake treatments

We offer a wide range of effective anti-aging, skin and beauty treatments to suit your specific needs.

Unlike some other beauty establishments, we are close to our clients and offer a personal service to give you the best service we can offer. 

We pride ourselves on long term relationships with our clients by offering the top professional advice, through a friendly one to one relationship. 

We are very passionate about what we do and that's why we offer a FREE consultation for all our treatments with no obligation to purchase.

Call us or pop in for a friendly chat so we can see how we can help you look great and feel great.

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Our Client Consultation 

You will be asked to fill out a client consultation form to ensure we are informed of any allergies you may have. This form is also necessary to ensure we are aware of your treatment history and any lifestyle factors that may affect your Treatment Plan.  ALso to assess your treatment if you decide to go ahead, for what best suits your needs.  Some client decide to have the treatment the same day, we will do this if we have allowed the time for the proceedure.  In some cases you may need to book at another date.  Sometimes a client needs to come back for more treatments or if extra treatments are needed please book these in advance. 

Telephone Booking for Consultations/Treatments for same day without being assessed

We will try our best to allow enough time if you decide to have the treatment the same day, but as you didn't have a consultation prior to treatment on a different day we cannot assure you we can treat all your needs on the same day, as you did not have your assessment, so you may have to re-book.

Address Your Skin concerns

Once your information has been analyzed, your Practitioner will discuss with you your main areas of concern and what you aim to get out of your experience at Face Clinic

One-on-one skin consultation

Your skin will then be physically examined to further assist your Aesthetic Practitioner in prescribing a Treatment Plan for your individual needs.

Establish Face Clinic treatment plan

Using the information gathered, your Aesthetic Practitioner will suggest a course of Treatments as well as a list of Home Prescriptive for you to use ongoing. 

Treatment scheduled 

Please arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to ensure a full treatment session.



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Opening Times:  Mon - Tues - Wed  - Fri  10am - 6pm   Thursday 10am -7pm  Saturday 9am - 5pm