About F.A.C.E Clinic

All Aesthetic Practitioners, Practitioners and Precribing Nurse   All therapists, are fully qualified and hold industry recognised certificatication which are on view at the clinic

We encourage all members of staff to ensure that they professionally treat clients with the utmost care and confidential attitude.

We are Registered with the Health Inspectorate for Wales and are Licensed with Local Council.  We are all fully Insured to undertake treatments at the clinic.

We are an Advanced Laser and Skin Clinic and have been  Established 28 yrs

Winner of the Welsh Hair and Beauty Awards 2016 Cosmetic Clinic of the Year 

This category recognises the clinic with amazing staff that provides a fantastic overall experience. The Cosmetic Clinic of the year provides the best innovative treatment from Botox to IPL and leaves us feeling gorgeous and confident.

The Facial and Cosmetic Enhancement (FACE) Clinic is owned by Eileen Georgina Strong who has been focusing on beauty aesthetics for over 27 years. Eileen is very well respected within the beauty industry for her pioneering efforts, brining the latest and most advanced treatments to South Wales.  Also an internationally recognised teacher trainer and having also previously trained in Beverly Hills and Harley Street, Eileen has established a broad depth of experience to offer powerful knowledge within the field of beauty and anti-ageing. Being so passionate about her craft,  Eileen is still always learning and gaining new knowledge to ensure the clients at F.A.C.E are receiving the best service, treatments and techniques possible. With her personable nature and life passion for beauty and anti-ageing, we welcome you to come in for a consultation to discuss your needs further

All Practitioners and Beauty Therapists gain more experience at the clinic and and offer the best service as they are all very passionate about treatments and helping others look better and feel better.

Eileen Strong  B.Sp MIFHB E.L.S. B.A.B.T.A.C. SNHS Dip MBE. B.T.A. SNHS Dip. ICHM      

Eileen Strong is a  Fully Qualifed and licened to carry out treatments and has 27 yrs experience as an Aesthetic Practitioner and is an International Aesthetic Teacher and Trainer  Also qualifed Advanced Electrolysis and thread vein removal (Minor Cosmetic Surgery) Is a CTIA Member of the Cosmetic Treatments and Injectables Associations  also Trained in Beverly Hills,California and Herley Street, London with Danné Montague-King  AlsoTrained on Rodeo Drive, with Dr.Lawrence Birnbaum for Scar revision and advanced proceedures.

Dawn Richardson is our visiting Independant Prescribing Nurse who has been qualified for 20yrs with with 6 yrs experience in aesthetics for non surgical treatments