Client Satisfaction Survey

You have completed your telephone or mail client survey campaign.

The key focus of any client satisfaction survey study should be on implementation of action items that can improve client service and satisfaction. Data analysis and report writing should always be pointed toward the development of specific action plans. Such action plans should be specific and identify specific tasks to be accomplished and individuals or groups responsible for task completion with deadline/completion dates.

The benefits of gathering feedback, you must take actions to correct at least some, if not all, of the problem areas identified.

We want to improve our service.  We will provide you with the feedback. Doing so benefits our relationship with our clients.

We have had our results and have made actions towards any improvement to benefit the client.

Our feedback for 2016 from clients.   Our staff gave all information verbally and handouts to clients and all clients with happy in the way they had consultations and treatments

We have had a lot of changes with staff in the last year due to therapists absences due to a long sickness and being short staffed.

Clients prefer to have a stable environment where they can catch up with their friendly therapists.

We have had changes due to another therapists leaving due to personal problems and having to work nearer to home 

All these changes have now come to an end and we have happy settled environment for 2017 and welcome clients for future treatments.