Special Offers for 2017

Tattoo Removal with laser Q Switched Nd Yag

1/2 of recommended price 





Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment  

 Wrinkle relaxing treatment 3 areas  £200 

 Semi Permanent Makeup Special Offer - 

£150.00 includes re-touch. normally   £350.00 hair strokes, blush or block effect.


Restylane Perlane Wrinkle Fillers per syringe 

normally  £275.00 NOW £240.00




Cryo- Freeze -Freeze Your Fat

Clinically Proven Compared to Liposuction

Fat Removal Non-Invasive procedure any part of the body

Normally one area £300.00 now just £100. Per Area 2 areas £150.00 if taken at same time