IPL Skin Rejuvenation - For Clear Skin Like Satin.

Skin Rejuvenation, for fine lines, Pigmentation, clearer skin. Anti aging, Acne. Open pores

Giving a clearer complexion.

Age spots and hyper pigmentation contain melanin, while diffuse redness contains haemoglobin. The light is absorbed by the melanin in the pigmented area & the heat reaction caused breaks down the melanin in the keratinocytes. A photo toxic reaction occurs in the melanin vesicles and the excess melanin turns darker before it comes away from the skin.

The light is also absorbed by the superficial blood vessels in the skin. The heat reaction caused coagulates blood vessels, destroys protein in the wall of the vessel and stimulates collagen production. 

IPL deliver energy to target and destroy vascular and pigmented lesions associated with spider veins, reticular veins, rosacea, telangiectasias, hemangiomas, sun damage, age spots, dyschromia, melasma, poikiloderma, and angiomas from hands, legs, chest, arms and face.

How it works?

IPL treatments are performed using a handheld device that delivers a broad spectrum of light onto the skin's surface. The wavelengths of light penetrate deep into the skin tissue to stimulate the cells beneath the skin's surface, and triggers the body's "purging" response so that it eliminates injured tissues and dead skin cells that may be stuck deep within the skin's surface. The IPL skin care treatments are typically conducted as a series of treatments at three week intervals, and the skin begins to take on a more youthful and clear appearance after the first few sessions.
If you've been looking for a non-invasive solution for freshening up your skin and enjoying a more even skin tone, consider these benefits and drawbacks of the innovative IPL treatment.

Key Benefits of IPL skin rejuvenation Treatments

IPL procedures do not require any anesthetic and sometimes offer near-instant results. The painless procedure also does not require any downtime, which means patients can receive their treatment over lunch hour or any other break, resuming regular activities shortly after treatment. IPL treatments can be used to correct and refine nearly all skin types, and are particularly effective for treating:

• Freckles
• Age spots
• Hyperpigmentation
• Rosacea
• Spider veins
• Birthmarks
• Sun spots
• Acne scars

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