Micro-Current Therapy  Face and Body Skin Renewal
This module uses a micro-current to treat problem areas of the face

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Micro-current has healing properties and increases ATP levels which are muscle energy levels. This allows natural production of protein synthesis (elasticity of the skin) and Fibroblast activity (collagen production) giving the skin a firmer smoother, healthier look.

The internal computer has refined the micro-currents to work in harmony with the body's own bio-electrical

field. The body works from electrical impulses and therefore the micro-current helps tone; lift and re-educate the muscles back to their original position.

 Micro-Current treatments are generally run as a course, averaging between 10 and 15 treatments. Some clients may need more than one course; this will depend on the client's skin tissue and their muscle tone. On completion of a course the client might require a booster treatment which could occur monthly.