IPL  Intense Pulse Light Super Hair Removal System

IPL Hair Removal Before and After

Facial and Cosmetic Clinic has been established since 1990 and has been using lasers since 1991 We are  registered for the use of lasers and light based treatments. The key to finding a safe place for cosmetic treatment is to find a Healthcare Inspectorate for Wales (HIW) Registered Clinic. The Healthcare Inspectorate for Wales’s logo looks like this below:

Any provider of Laser/Light based treatments has to be registered legally with the Healthcare Inspectorate for wales and must have written permission to use this logo. It is illegal for anyone to perform these treatments without being registered  The Healthcare Inspectorate for Wales (HIW) is the national assembly for Wales’s government Regulator for NHS and Private facilities offering medical, cosmetic and laser/IPL procedures. The Healthcare Inspectorate for Wales governs and inspects registered facilities. Not all facilities are legally registered. We have carried out successfully many thousands of Laser/light based treatments and you are in safe hands.

Before and After

Waxing and Shaving are becoming a thing of the past.  Women and men are now enjoying the benefits of permanent hair reduction.

The Answer?

The process of Super Hair Removal is the only IPL /Laser treatment for hair removal that doesn't cause pain.  No other Hair reduction treatment can compare as it targets any type of hair.

Working principal

SHR -based on the photothermic theory.  There is plenty of melanin in the hair follicles / hair shafts. Melanin scatters along the hair bulbs and hair shafts structure.  SHR targets melanin and treats selectively in a precise way.  

Melanin can absorb the energy from the machine which results in temperature increase to destroy surrounding hair follicles and finally remove the hair.

Is the treatment successful on everyone?

Due to the nature of the Intense Pulse Light/laser treatment Cyber Direct Beauty treatment can perform this treatment on all skin types and hair colour.

The SHR treatment can be at any time of the year as it does not heat up the melanin in the same way as other lasers and IPL treatments.  

The SHR short pulse duration does not heat the skin this allows a greater range of hair and skin colour which can produce good results with minimal side effects. 

How many treatments and how often?

On most areas of the body there is only about 20-30% of the potential hair actually growing at any one time.  The other 70-80% of the follicles are lying dormant under the surface  Of the skin. 

SHR treatment will only treat the hair in the growth stage; therefore it is necessary to treat each cycle as it appears. A programme of treatments should be arranged to ensure that each cycle of hair growth is targeted.  The number of treatments required will vary depending on the area being treated and on the clients themselves. Generally four to six treatments are sufficient to ensure excellent results when the client is treated at regular intervals.  

What do I do before a treatment?

Sunbathing should be avoided for four weeks prior to treatment and all fake tan should be allowed to fade completely.   As the treatment relies on the hairs being in place for success, no waxing, plucking or other forms of depilation should be performed for  Four weeks before your appointment.

What should I do following treatment?

The hair should be allowed to fall out naturally,  Do not pull out the hair but gentle exfoliation  Can be used to encourage them to shed.   Heat treatments and activities which encourage heating of the treatment site. i.e. exercising  Should not be undertaken for 24hrs after your treatment.

How often will I need treatment?

Though everyone is slightly different with  Regard to their hair growth cycles and  Therefore no single answer will be right for all clients.  Generally facial areas will need  Treating every 6-8 weeks, whilst body areas,   E.g. underarms, bikini or legs will only need to repeat sessions on a 3 monthly basis.