Q SWitched Nd Yag Laser

1. Tattoo removal,

2. Birth mark removal, 

3. Red and brown pigment



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The laser tattoo removal treatment is very popular in our clinic due to its effective results  The latest technology of the Q-Switched Nd:Yag laser interacts with tattoo pigments, these pigments are then broken down into small fragments and ultimately degraded and then finally removed by the scavenger cells, a role of our immune system.

During the Nd:Yag laser tattoo removal procedure the patient and the practitioner wear protective eyeglasses. On average, laser tattoo removal lasts between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the tattoo size. The treatment is performed in ambulatory conditions so no hospitalization is required, full recovery being completed within several weeks during which you should avoid sun exposure of the treated area.

Yellow and green are the most difficult colour to remove because its absorption spectrum is outside the laser’s emission spectrum while the easiest to remove are the black tattoos.

The number of sessions for tattoo laser removal depends on several criteria such as: the size of the tattoo, the depth of its execution, types of inks and colors used, the immune system and tattoo age. These details plus other information concerning the removal of permanent tattoos will be explained to you during a consultation with the Clinic specialists.

The tattoo removal laser treatment proved to be the safest procedure compared to alternative methods such a dermabrasion or surgical excision due to the fact that it addresses exclusively the tattoo dye pigments without affecting other structures of the surrounding area. Therefore, we invite you to our clinic in Cardiff  to get rid of the unwanted tattoos on your body using the Nd:yag laser technology with the help and experience of our professional practitioner.