Thread Veins on Legs


Thread veins on the legs are also known as red veins or spider veins are a common problem affecting many people. They are dilated small blood vessels that have a red or bluish colour. These veins can be short, unconnected lines each about the size of a large hair or connected in a "sunburst" pattern. They may also look like a spiders web or a tree with Branches

What causes thread veins?

The case of these unsightly veins are unknown -- sometimes they run in the families but old injuries may be relevant as may long periods of sitting or standing. As more women than men develop this condition, hormones such as the pill and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) probably play a part.

How may they be treated?

Sclerotherapy is a technique which involves the injection of a small amount of solution into the veins using a very fine needle and is very successful in getting rid of these unslightly thread veins.

This causes the walls of the vein to stick together, empty of blood and ultimately disappear. The procedure is virtually painless and all skin colours and types respond equally well.

What are the side effects of treatment?

Minor side effects do occur in some people.Sometimes slight swelling and redness will appear around the vein soon after the injection has been given. This disappears over two to three days. Sometimes a small area of pigmentation can occur at the site of the injection but this gradually fades. The veins themselves darken as they are shrivelling and can take from two to eight weeks to clear.

Aftercare Care should be taken to avoid strenuous pounding exercise for 5 days after treatment. Clients should also avoid heat treatments such as sunbeds and waxing for approximately 5 days post treatment. We advise against taking aspirin, excessive alcohol, or other substances that effect blood clotting for 10 days after treatment. You will have a Free Confidentail Consultation and Your treatment can be assessed.

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