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Thread veins on the FACE usually occur around the lower nose and upper lip. They can also occur on the cheeks and very occasionally elsewhere on the face. During your consultation we will assess this and find out the causes also to help you tackle the problem.

Unlike the thread veins on the legs, facial thread veins are fed by the arterial system rather than the venous system; hence they are often more red and are often very fine, but they can be removed successfully. This is again assessed with a caring approach and completely confidential.

Our expert in the field, Eileen Strong treats facial thread veins with a electro-coagulation method. Eileens years of practical experience, ensures you are in safe, competant hands. Using a very fine needle, the thread vein is touched with the needle and a small current is passed into the vein, heating it up and destroying the blood vessel. Healing occurs and over the following few days to weeks the skin completely gets back to normal and the blood vessel is usually gone but sometimes more treatments are needed. They must be spaced a month apart if more treatments are needed.

This treatment is carried out as an out-patient and although not needing a strong anaesthetic, many patients do find the treatment better if an anaesthetic cream is applied first, especially around the nostril area. On the other hand some clients find they don't need an anaesthetic cream.

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