Your therapist will explain the stages of the hair cycle so you can understand the importance of timing between waxing treatment for best results. 

 On your first visit to the Waxing Consultation you will have to fill out a consultation form and we will then assess this. This will only take 5 minutes to complete and will help us to provide a safe service for you that suits you Everything we discussed with you is confidential. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.


 Please arrive clean and refreshed, we have refreshing wipes that we are happy to hand if you are coming straight from work

The Length of your hair prior to your treatment

The hair needs to be a minimum of 1 centimeter to ensure maximum results.

 If you have been shaving, you need minimum of 2 weeks growth. We need to have this length as if the hair is too short, the therapist will recommended that you do not carry out the treatment. We want to give you the best result and don’t want to waste your money.


If you worry about the hair being to long, don’t worry we will trim them for you but this does take time so it is best to discuss at your consultation and arrange this.

If you have questions

if you are nervous, we are happy to answer all your questions Don’t be shy. We are professionals and we love waxing!

How to Prepare For Your Waxing Treatment

1. Shower and be clean.

 2. Do no use creams or oils before your waxing treatment.

 3. Ideally, the hair should represent 3 to 4 weeks of growth.

After Your Waxing Treatment

 For a minimum of 24 hours post waxing, we strongly recommend that you:

 1. Avoid direct sun.

 2. Do not use a deodorant.

 3. Refrain from really hot showers or baths.

 4. Do not swim in a chlorinated pool.

 5. Do not use a solarium, spa and sauna.

Maintenance Waxing Every 4-6 Weeks

 To maintain your smooth appearance, we recommend regular waxing every 4-6 weeks.


 If you are planning to have a Brazillian or Hollywood waxing treatment, you should avoid scheduling the appointment near your menstrual cycle. While it is still possible to wax during your cycle, your skin will be more sensitive and the treatment will be more painful at that time. Inform us before the treatment begins if you are on your period as it is best to avoid it at this time.


 During the treatment, every step of the process will be explained to you by your therapists and we may need your help, you have to do is follow our instructions. Helping us during your treatment with skin stretching, getting into different positions. Because of this, no mobile phones or magazines will be allowed during your treatment. This is about teamwork and timing.


We love hearing from our clients about their experience and will read review that we get.