Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment

Temporary Freezes Muscles. To banish wrinkles, for frown lines, forehead, and wrinkles around the eyes (crows feet) by immobilising the muscles that causes these lines. This treatment involves generally painless injections. Its effective and starts working from TWO days to TWO weeks. The second treatment (booster) ideally should be two to three months after the first treatment, then 4- 6 months for the next treatment. It depends on clients as on some clients this treatment is not effective.

Full details of Client and thorough Consultation is needed and if treatment commences aftercare instructions are given. We will talk you through the process so you can be assured what to expect and decide on whether this treatment is what you would like. With so many different skin types, natural oils within the skin and the various depths and age of the wrinkles, we advise visiting us for a free friendly chat to talk you through the process.

What is winkle relaxing treatment used to treat ?

Wrinkle relaxing treatment is ideal for treating frown lines, laughter lines and other common creases on the face such as crows feet. By relaxing the muscle, the area of the face isn't over used and the lines are made less visible. In addition, because the muscle is relaxed the skin has chance to replenish somewhat, helping maintain a more youthful look and feel.

Who should have wrinkle relaxing treatments ?

Anyone can have muscle relaxing treatment regardless of age. Relaxing the muscle not only restricts the face showing frown lines and wrinkles, but by not over using the muscles, the skin exhibits less wear and tear form movement; one of the major causes of wrinkles. Therefore some people may decide to have wrinkle relaxing treatment to reduce the appearence of wrinkles or to reduce the chances and progression of wrinkles. While the face has less movement, this is also a good time to apply re-hydration treatments and products to help combat wrinkles.

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